Easter is around the corner and we bring you the latest slideshow banner to advertise your Easter service.

The beauty of Easter is that it stands for second chances. Second chances not for someone else, but a second chance for you and me to live for all eternity.

in the upper room Peter promised with his whole heart that he would never deny Christ, and not much later he did just that. He denied Christ not one but three times. Peter was in need of a second chance, and he got it when Jesus rose.

Peter, the man in dire need of a second chance, became the Rock that Jesus would build his church on, and that same second chance is available for every single soul on earth.

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  • Gary Garcia

    Wow AJ, This is what I had in mind for our easter slideshow. Thanks for your work on this slideshow. God Bless

  • croma_themes

    Thanks for the feedback Gary. Much appreciated.