Competition is rife nowadays and even though the church is not a secular entity, it would want to attract a following and have its impact felt. An attractive slideshow is just one way that you can get maximum notice for your efforts.

While website slideshow banners do not aid with accessibility and usability of your presentations, they are great elements for rounding off the look and feel of your design.

A site without a slideshow looks dull and uninviting – something you wouldn’t wish if you were the targeted audience.

Church slideshows are the bee’s knees

I always feel proud whenever I visit a church website. it is not just the fact that I get an opportunity to visit “someone” that I feel a deep connection with, but church slideshows are different, funky and unique.

The time spent by churches in creating captivating slideshows that will get attention (and clicks) is so much more creative than with any other industry and is more involved than just pasting a pretty picture with a quick caption on it.

All the work put into slideshows must take it’s toll on their creators and the stress of getting something new and inviting every week must be pure torture.

Our Brand new service

We started a brand new slideshow banner download service in aid of our brothers and sisters who sweat for hours to get their churches websites blooming like a tree in spring.

We plan to add one or two banners each week resulting in a really big library of banners over time that we believe will save an enormous amount of time.

This service will not be monetized and will always be free. you are wecome to download the slideshows and edit it to your hearts desire.

Spread the word

If there is one favor that we can ask of you, it is to spread the word of this fabulous service of ours to everyone that you know. We are working like crazy to make this the premier service for church slideshow resources, and spreading some link love will be welcomed with open arms.
The future of Slideshow banners

Having just started this service, we do realize that this is just the start for this resource, and some of the questions that remain in our minds to really provide an optimal service is:

  1. Do every church really have access to Photoshop.
  2. What about Gimp. Are there churches out there that use Gimp for their image editing?
  3. Will This slideshow banners be acceptable for overhead projectors? and if so, what formats will be acceptable for the slides.
  4. Do Churches use newsletter templates to their congregation, and can the images be used for newsletter headers also, and if so, what is the optimal size for the images to be super useful.

We would really appreciate your feedback and ideas on expanding this service as a super digital design resource for churches.