This post started as a shout out to Remedy-live. I was really impressed with their Google AD campaign. I soon realized that there is more to this post than just a appreciation for a bold group of people. There is a real opportunity for each and every church, so do yourself a favor and read to the end.

Here is some words and a video taken from the Remedy-Live Vimeo page:

RemedyLIVE engages youth in meaningful conversations, through technology, as a step toward Christ. 75% of our clients find our web based ministry by searching on for help with a deep issue in their life – issues like suicidal thinking, self harm addiction, domestic abuse, or pornographic addiction. In their quest for help, we are able to engage them in anonymous, meaningful conversations through text messaging and web based chat, spending on average 45 minutes to a hour, building a bridge of trust with them. 2 out of 3 of our clients are agnostic or atheistic in their opinion of God.

Our mission field,, connects our 100+ web based chat staff of “SoulMedics” with teens across the country, and the world. In the last year we have had conversations with teens in every state of the USA, with Indiana having 11,500 clients (our largest audience) and Vermont being our smallest audience, at 250 clients. Since our launch in October of 2007 we have had over 170 countries interact with our website content.

In addition to the conversations, RemedyLIVE produces videos that provide a Biblical worldview on the destructive issues immersed in teen culture today. Since 2011 we have had over 300,000 views to our videos on YouTube.

Our vision is to have 1,000,000 meaningful conversations with teens by 2020, as internet missionaries, to challenge them to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The online missionary is here.

Using the internet as a missionary tool requires a new way of thinking. The results though, are more profound than anyone can ever wish for.

It is common knowledge that people are looking for answers online. Just a few days ago my daughter shared with me a brilliant site that she found on the internet named Explore God. When I asked her how she got to know of the site’s existence she confessed that it was when she wondered if a Google search would point her to Gods purpose for her life.

I eased my daughters’ mind, that God will surely reveal his purpose for her, but could not forget the one night after crying at Gods feet for hours, when I too ventured a quick search to see if there is an easy answer to my lamentation.

What about you, have you ever had a quick squint for a answer when you where really scratching your head?

The fact is that people are looking online for answers, and if you are at the right place and time, you have a wonderful opportunity to further God’s work and make an impact in the moment.

Google wants you to advertise.

Yeah, I hear you say, “Google wants my money. Money I might add that I do not have”, and here is where things become interesting. Google really wants you to advertise, and for that they lowered the barrier for you.

Here’s the rules

  1. You need to be a registered nonprofit in your country
  2. You are limited ot $10,000 per month
  3. You are limited to a $2.00 maximum CPC (cost -per-click)
  4. You are only allowed to run keyword-targeted campaigns.
  5. Your ads will only run on Google search result pages
  6. You can only run text ads.

Gets the creative juices flowing doesn’t it. Just think what $10,000 in free advertising can do for your organization. Started a new Youth campaign in your area? Advertise it on Google. Looking for more seats to be filled in your church? Advertise it on Google. Started a support group? Advertise it on Google.

For the creative team there is a plethora of opportunities that can flow from this opportunity that Google are offering you. The beauty of it all is that you have nothing to loose but a few hours of your time, and that to me is really beautiful.