The state of the podcast

Every year podcasters predict “this is going to be a big year for podcasting”and 2015 is no exception. Allthough I usually wite this off as positive hype, some findings from the global reasearch company Edison Research got me thinking that all the positivity might be for a good reason this year.

Churches are better equiped for podcasting than any individual or company out there. All the tools needed for a decent podcast is already setup and rearing to go right there in your churches PA system. Even if it is only to give your members the opportunity to listen to past sermons, it is well worth the time and effort to start podcasting today.

What the scientists said.

Refering to the Edison reasearch findings above, here are some of the stats that we could find online.At least 20% of all Americans knows exactly what a podcast is, and have listened to a podcast before.

Almost 2% of all audio consumption in The US is consumed on podcasts. before you start to think that this is low, remember that audio like radio and your personal selection of music is something that is pushed ot you, while podcasts is something that takes effort to consume, this is no mean feat.

What is quite uplifting is that people who listens to podcasts, spend at least 25% of their time consuming this medium. This is a lot of engagement for one segment of technology. This clearly shows the magic of podcasting as medium and bodes positively for converting your flock to a bunch of podcast consumers.

One Advancement that we should see that might have a positive effect on the rise if the podcast is internet connectivity in cars. Might be earlier, but industry analysts predict that by 2025 all cars will have internet connectivity as standard.

Radio always had a captive market in the drive-time commuter. up to 40% of a radio stations audience is made up of people in cars, and for decades radio flourished mainly because they had this listeners that cannot do anything else but listen to them.

It makes sense that with the right connectivity, people might elect to rather listen to their favorite podcast than talkshow topics that they have no interest in.

The fact that both Apple and Google have rolled out connected platforms (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, respectively), alludes to the fact that this is not just speculation, but there is some substance to this topic.

You are already producing the podcast.

If you record a sermon, you have a ready made podcast and most of the work is done.The only steps that remain is to trim the recording of unwanted parts, compress it to ensure easy access for all, and upload.
The fact is that your church members are going to be exposed to all kids of podcast content in the future, it might as well be yours, and it might as well be the right message from a trusted source.