Every church across the globe talks about livestreaming at some time. Next to podcasting , this is the one service that I have had more discussions about than any other.

There is no doubt that more than 80% of the churches are ill equipped or just not large enough to livestream their services. If you think that podcasting is a stretch of resources, then you have not streamed anything yet.

With all the awesomeness of Livestreaming, there is always the nagging thought in my head, that the success of any church is by being the social hub of their community, and streaming is not actually supporting that thought, but think a while and the use cases for the positive use of livestreaming is legio.

One very positive use of livestreaming is for the use of missionaries. I can not think of anything better than being able ot join your congregation for a church service while you’re off somewhere doing God’s work.

For those brave enough to try this exciting medium, we have really good news. Livestream just started to take pre-orders for the broadcaster mini that will let you stream directly from your camera to your Livestream account.

No specialist camera needed.

The great news about this little device is that you only need a HDMI port to ensure hours of streaming joy for your church.

Whether it’s your favorite camcorder, DSLR, or even your action camera, the portable Broadcaster Mini lets you wirelessly send a live Full HD 1080p video to your Livestream account.

Enabling livestreaming will require you to push a button on the Broadcaster Mini, or pair it with the Livestream app on an iOS or Android device for more controls (like Livestream’s Studio software and hardware for the texh savvy).

Viewers can tune into your channel via the Livestream app, Roku, or an online service that supports live streaming, such as YouTube and UStream.

Boxes full of unused gadgets in my basement bears testimony to the fact that I do not let anyone put a damper on my adventurous side, and at under $300 the pricing for this gadget falls right in th “must test” category.