We are trying to keep things as simple as possible, but you should certainly be aware that this is a legal obligation you are agreeing to if you download and use any of our files.


  • You may use any and all elements contained within the files for your own personal or commercial projects.
  • Attribution is not necessary but is always welcomed.
  • You can not redistribute our files in any shape or form.
  • You may not not link directly to downloads in any way, if you wish to promote a file on another site please do so by offering a link to the post or the site but not the download file itself.
  • You may use any and all preview images, or, screenshots of without for promotional purposes (promotional as in promoting this site or it’s files) as long as they are not defaced / altered in any way.
  • You may not use any of the items in a promotion of a work for sale or a demonstration of a work for sale.